This page has been specially developed keeping in mind the power of beliefs. Belief in one’s owns self is an important tool for his
commercial, social or spiritual success. The belief system covers five important steps.  First of all we will discuss God belief.
Almost every human being has a faith in his God, except few societies where religious belief is not taught or spread. The God is
one but carries thousands of names in each part of this universe. When God created this universe, he might have never thought
of a society who has a religion belief but not a belief in God.

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A special page to give you definition of belief while explaining ethics of belief alongwith political belief !

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God has created this whole universe. He created living creatures, animals, human beings, plants, and lot more. He knew what to retain or what to drop. He might have planned to drop each end every thing, which is no longer, required in his universe. For example: when he noticed that tail is no more required in monkeys, he got it dropped. He can move mountains, shake the earth and yet some of us doubt his presence. The Christian belief endorses this theory and somewhat others like catholic belief and Jewish belief also testifies it. God who created this universe, created man kind, changed monkey to man, created galaxies, planets, seas and endless list of his creations, does not need a flattery from this mankind, yet every one is busy in pleasing him. And our faith belief says that if he needs to be pleased, he can make us to please him. After all we move, think, act as per his desires. If he ever wants to get himself worshiped, he has the power of converting a man into his worshiper. While going through Internet, you will find a large number of www belief com websites. Explore all of them before making any opinion. The writer of this article has full faith in God but he does not believe the system of worship. His belief knowledge is limited to blind faith in God.

He strongly believes that who can create him does not want to be pleased by his creations. We ask for fortunes and then give little of receipts to him again. Suppose your father gives you ten million dollars and you try to please him by offering him 10 dollars. I have heard people saying, please God give me one crore rupees, in return I will give you a prasad of five rupees. Even people who have a belief afterlife are pupils of God. Religion preaches us to speak truth, respect the women, serve the humanity, but we generally do not follow the teachings and consider ourselves that after his worship, no need of doing all these things. The belief statement of author of this write up is that love the teaching along with the teacher. If you love the teacher and not his teachings, you disobey him, your teacher will never feel happy. The Islam belief says, respect the humanity and that is your justified belief. Every religion teaches us positive things and following them is true justified belief.

If you are a shopkeeper, your religion is to do ethical business only. Sell quality goods; give your customers the value for their money. Give good after sales service. If you are an industrialist, value your employees. Pay proper taxes. Do not attempt to cheat any one. If you follow all these types of teachings you are having a Baptist belief. The baptism never preaches hatred. It preaches love only. It preaches service to mankind only. The true Christianity or Islamic encourage you to follow truthful path.

Even science could not give answers to lot number of queries. Jesus gave his life to save humanity from the sins. What a spiritual definition of God’s culture. The power of belief is in every different modern religious fundamental. I do not want to impose my belief, I only tried to convey my feelings only. Please do not take me wrong. I never indented to hurt any body’s religious sentiments.  The psychology of a man makes his belief. Take the example of a sales man. He understands that if he wants to please a lady, he will have to love her child. This way if you want to please God, starts loving his children, the whole of mankind. The traditional history says non religious orthodox people when enjoy freedom, has a sense of insecurity in their minds.

Dear readers, while writing this article, I was fully lost in my thoughts. So do not mind any error in language or sentence building and ignore if anything does not sound good to you. If you feel to share your views or want to comment on my writing, do mail at giving “comments on power of belief” in subject bar.

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