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The definition of a True Career can differ at various stages of Life. For some, a True career can be the one which which is Paying You good. For Others, a True Career can be the one that give Job Satisfaction and some will say that a combination of both. The Answers will vary with age and status. Generally speaking, a True Career can be a career which you adopt with the proper planning keeping in mind your interest and skills.


Below is the Career Builder that will help you to choose the Right Career for you. Its all about Planning, so lets see what are the Steps in the Career Builder:

Career Builder Step 1:

Think about the Work that you can do infinite times without a frown on your face. In other words, Seek within yourself, what career that fascinates you. A Career which you have been longing to join. A Career you always think about. A Career that you will love the most. Once you find the Answer, move to the next Career Builder Step.

Career Builder Step 2:

Think of the Career chosen in Step 1, and evaluate your skills required for this profession. Do you have the proper qualification or can it be gained ? See how many positives you can think of, and how many negatives. For example, having poor communication skills and choosing marketing as career could be a wrong move. And having a good hand at sketching, and choosing Graphic Designer as career should be right move. After deciding the career that matches your skills and interest, move on to next Career Builder Step.

Career Builder Step 3:

Lets assume you chose to become a Call Centre Executive as it suits your interest and skills. Now, you need to see the trend of the Call Centre industry.You need to be sure that the minimum and maximum Salary a Call Centre Executive can earn. Also look out for the growth prospects in that Career. You need to think long-term, because changing career out of helplessness at a later stage will give you a lot of frustration.

These days, there are diverse professions. But proper career planning can lead you to a successful career. If in doubt over choosing a career, you can get career advice through career counseling. There are many organizations that provide career services and career management. Even the choice of a good school, college, university or a private institute does give you an edge over others. hopes that the career information has helped you to be on step closer to your True Career... Good Luck !





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