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The meaning of Success To different people means different. Though Sucess is never final and Business Success is superb

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Success Factors in a life is important key. Magazine about success are best buy and should be recommended to every one.

The books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and reading of all such stuff is very important for any and every success. The art movies are also good source of getting ideas about Success. The seminars, workshops and training programs are always helpful in achieving super success.

This site carries dedicated pages for motivational thoughts which are beautiful success quotes. Success is continuous process of improvement.

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For any success in ife, one need to grow in six different areas, discussed in detail in all these pages of success. You will find pages on Success in business, profession and social life. The indepth study of these pages may give you a complete success and happiness in any of sectors viz. retail, banking, insurance, finance, BIFS, information technology, ITeS, Auto, Health, Hospitality, Aviation and all such sectors.

The success of companies like Future Group, RPG, Reliance, Aptech, Frankfinn, Avlon, Lifestyle, and many more is also discussed in following pages. In India, the metro cities have seen fast success as compared to small cities and towns.

The key factors to a success is described in these pages. We have tried our best to give you best of information about Success skills and its application for leadership development.



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Are you successful? Whenever I ask this question, majority of people say they are not. Reason – they have not reached the desired destination. But, according to me success is a journey. We fix our goals after the age of 18 in general. Yes, I want to become rich, I want to become industrialist, a doctor, an engineer, a software professional, an actor, a writer, a painter, a pilot and so on, is decided after age of 18 most of time. First of all let me tell you, these are your desires and not goals. To be a rich person is a desire and to become a person with, say $100 billions is a goal. Goals are always specific. Desires may be vague.  You should have a clear, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound goal. Let me correct myself, you should have GOALS and not goal. Why Goals, because you are not to reach your final destination by air. There is no shortcut. No elevator, no helicopter, just step by step. Each such step is called a GOAL. So every time you take a successful step, you achieve a goal. Your final destination, where you want to see your self when you leave this world, is called an Ultimate Goal of life. This ultimate goal can be, to be Prime Minister of India, CEO of Pepsi Inc., Vice-chancellor in Delhi University, Chief Editor of Times of India, Going around the earth, selling your painting @ Rs. 20 millions, to head Swami Narain sector , to be President of Rotary International or to be a social servant with 100 social projects etc. Each such goal can not be reached instantaneously. You will have to fix smaller goals. You will have to visualize where you would be at the age of 70 years, 60 years, 50 years, 40 years, 30 years and so on. Then you are to plan your life to reach each such ten years goal. Now to reach 10 year goal, you will have to plan 5 years goals, and then 1 year goal, 6 months goal, monthly goal, weekly goal, daily goal and hourly goal. Unknowingly you are doing it. You decided to learn cycling, then motor bike, then car and ultimately flying an aircraft. You took admission in pre-nursery, and then you did nursery, kinder garden, primary school, secondary school, graduation, post graduation and ultimately doctorate. Every time you achieved such small goals, you were happy. You were happy when you learnt cycling, when you got admission in school, when you got married, your first job, your first promotion, your first political speech, your first publication etc. Were you calling yourself a failure then? You only achieved your small success and sum total of these small successes are the Ultimate Success.

So next time, don’t say you are a failure because you are yet to achieve your ultimate success. Rather celebrate each success and gradually you will reach your ultimate goal.

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